You will get so much more out of your dance classes if you are able to find a little time to practice in between to keep your dancing skills fresh and help you retain what you are working on in class.  Plus they are a great opportunity to enjoy a social night out with others in the ballroom dance community and spend some time with your friends (or make new ones!).  

The venues are generous in size with nice wood floors, so there is lots of space for you to practice with the music that we play, or for you to focus on your own without disturbing anyone else.  A staff member is on hand to provide music and help you where possible with material that you personally have previously encountered in one of our classes or workshops.  

Tuesday and Friday night practice sessions take place weekly.  Saturday night practice sessions take place monthly.  As we don’t charge membership fees, there is a small charge to cover costs, as detailed below.  Please note the different pricing structure for the Saturday practices at The Hub, as they are longer.  Packages never expire and therefore are also non-refundable.  Packages are inter-changeable between Tuesday and Friday night practices, but not with The Hub.  Payment can be made either by e-transfer to:, or at the door, cash only, exact change is appreciated, with thanks.

One important note – occasionally a practice session is not able to take place due to venue unavailability.  These exclusions are noted in our weekly newsletters.  If you don’t receive them, and you are planning on attending a practice for the first time, please get in touch, just to ensure you don’t show up on a night when the practice has been cancelled.

1)  Tuesdays, Lochside Elementary, 1145 Royal Oak Dr., 7:15 – 8:30, weekly, $7 pp for a single drop-in, or $60 for a package of ten.
2)  Fridays, Keating Elementary, 6843 Central Saanich Rd., 7:15 – 8:30, weekly, $7 pp for a single drop-in, or $60 for a package of ten.
3)  Saturdays, The Hub, 2375 Koksilah Rd., Duncan, 7:15 – 8:45, the next one is scheduled for May 18th, $8 pp for a single drop-in, or $70 for a package of ten.

Why not subscribe to our newsletter to stay abreast of all upcoming ballroom dance related events, such as group classes, practice sessions and Saturday night dance parties.  Plus it’s a great way for us to inform you, in a timely manner, if an event needs to be recheduled for any reason, for example, inclement weather.